2k14 ‘poetry’ using Garageband

rap3So, as it loomed upon the year group.. poetry. Yes, the unit which we all fall guilty of leaving until last, especially with a boy heavy class as mine.

However, this time I thought I would approach it from a slightly different manner. After investigating the rhyming patters, I gave my class the task of writing their own rap song. Immediately they were hooked.


This here being the result, all made, recorded and produced by the children.

We wrote our verses all around our topic focus of space, with the whole song being done on an iPad- using two apps; Garageband and iMovie.

rap1Easier to do than you may believe. Step one, pick a song and simply purchase the backing track on iTunes (69p). Place the backing track in Garage band and you are set to go.

Then, using the microphone record your solo/group vocals, we used several platforms as you can see enabling the children to overlap vocals so they can hear the person before them singing.



rap2Once complete, the children exported this into iMovie and we went on to record our own rap video- the icing on the cake for unmotivated boys (not on Youtube due to parental consent- so we did a lyrics only version).

Extremely easy and extremely engaging for those less motivated. They loved it and couldn’t wait to write another ‘poem’. Job done!


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