New to Coding- Hour of Code

Hour of code is a great resource for teachers that need a little help taking their first step on the computing curriculum. Hour of code provides lots of different activities, aimed to be completed within an hour. It is a simple and engaging way to get pupils motivated and show them they can code.

The activities are designed for pupils: so far we’ve using angry birds, plants vs zombies, flappy birds and frozen. Click on the pictures below to take you to each activity.

Untitled       2

4        3

The beauty of the Hour of Code, is that you don’t have to be a coder to know what you’re doing. Each unit comes with an introductory video and instructions for each level. If the pupils get it right, it will mark the level green at the top, providing a great assessment tool. If they get it wrong, it will provide hints and messages to aid them, ergo very little knowledge needed from teachers.

B1sskjbIEAAQa4sIts a great way to introduce coding to pupils in a simple format. The drag and drop instructions make it user friendly and I find this format lends itself well to progress onto using Scratch’s format, another great programme. Another brilliant aspect is after each level, it also gives the pupils a chance to see their code written. We have utilised this within lessons, exploring the written form of code.

As it’s winter/like the ice age outside at the moment, frozen is very apt. Using this is class recently, I found the extra level at the end to be brilliant. All the levels, in all games progressively introduce new concepts. With frozen, after everything has been taught, level 20 allows the children to create their own snowflake. Cue assessment of the pupils application. I asked the pupils to create their own snowflake and screen shot it. This gave me a perfect opportunity to see if they can then use code independently without any guidance given. Brilliant.


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