Staying Safe Online

Online safety seems to be an ongoing issue within schools. In a recent staff meeting, it was something I felt important to highlight. Children growing up today won’t be using Facebook, or Twitter; if recent trends are to go by. Technology is ever changing and adapting: it is fundamental that children can stay safe online and understand the importance of their digital footprint.

How many of these apps can you identify..

Askfm-icon download (1) download (2) download (3) download (4)   download Download-WhatsApp-for-iPad-iPod-Touch-BlackBerry images imessage-icon-ios-7 unnamed Whisper-Icon

All of these have/are being used by pupils in my primary school…

Being a Year 5 teacher, and interacting with a school instagram account (@linchfieldmissvidler) allows me to keep in touch with children ‘of this day and age’s’ online world (not monitor!). It is scary to see how many past pupils, of whom are at seconday school, will happily post their snapchat, oovoo, kik, email and phone numbers to their 500+ ‘friends’.

I’ve found a few e-sefety videos that provide great stimulus’ to spur conversation amongst pupils, obviously age dependant. If you have used any others, please comment so I can collect a good resource to share.


Flocabulary- Oversharing:

Let’s fight it together:

Can I be your friend? Found here by @chrismayoh

Mr Selfie

Mr Selfie from weareseventeen on Vimeo.

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