Instant Feedback

plickers2If you haven’t heard of an app called Plickers, it is definitely one I would recommend. AfL is always fundamental in lessons, knowing whom and where to scaffold, aiding progression. Plickers helps to make this easier.

plickersPlickers is a quick and easy way to check the understanding of each pupil in your class, anonymously. No more ‘intimidating’ hands up if you’ve grasped it or not. How this works is with each child having a ‘block’ to hold up with regards to how they’re feeling. As you can see, on each side there is a letter: a, b, c or d. You simply set the criteria, e.g. A- 100% confident to D- not a clue. Then, each child holds up the card with their response at the top, and you scan your camera around the classroom, with the app picking up each individuals response. If you’re worrying that you have to ‘scan’ each card like a QR code, then don’t worry, it recognises responses from a distance.

Have a look in this video:

plickers3The way I’ve set it up in my class is to associate each child with a number. As you will see on the example above, each ‘block’ has a number. On your online account you can edit each number to have a pupils name, thus when you scan, it will show you what each child voted. I have my class stick their Plicker ‘block’ in the back of their books. Then, at any point in a lesson, I can ask my pupils to hold up their book with a, b, c or d, and there- simple, quick feedback to use within lesson.

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