Easy Animation

Want the children to get in the mindset of different characters? Maybe an interview with a famous historian? Sharing the viewpoint of a character from a story?

YAKit Kids allows you to bring any image to life. Simple, yet effective. You can add a voiceover to any image that you wish…


This video was merely a ‘hook’ for the start of a maths investigation. It took minutes to make and, to the children, ‘working’ for the chef from ratatouille was much more engaging than working for the teacher.

However, it can be used in numerous ways; an interview for literacy or history, an explanation for a character for an iBook, to act out role play conversations for PSHE, endless opportunities…

It gives you the option to have different mouth pieces, and to change the pitch of your voice, to suit the character you are animating.

All easy and all for free (French voice not included).


Top Tips from my Apple Teacher Training

Apple Teacher Learning Centre


I must admit, having worked with Apple and iPads for several years in the classroom, I thought of myself as quite savvy in the field. Completing the Apple Teacher accreditation, I found out there was far more to these devices than I once thought…

If you’runitse an avid apple fan, then I recommend signing up and becoming a recognised Apple Teacher.

In order to achieve this status, you must complete eight units based on content either for an iPad or Mac.

The great thing with this, is that you are able to access an iBook for each of the units, an excellent resource for teachers, for free.

Although already familiar with the majority of these apps, even the ones I used regularly, I learnt new shortcuts for.



Top 5 Shortcuts!

Number 5

It may seem a simple feature, but the Slide Over feature on the iPad has just made multitasking a whole lot easier! Using Slide Over, you can open a second app without closing the one you’re currently in (available on iPad air and later, iPad pro and iPad mini 2 and later). Simply swipe left from the right edge of the screen. This will give you a list of different apps which you can pick from.



Drag the app divider to the centre of the screen


You can even go one step further from having the two apps open simultaneously, you can Split View your screen. Just drag the app divider to the centre of the screen and both windows are active.



Not just great for us teachers multitasking, I’ve used this for children in class too. It gives them the opportunity to have Notes open whilst researching a subject on Safari. Or have a Photo open whilst using Notes to write a setting description. Simple but easy!




Countdown to be continued.. 

Google Expeditions- VR in the Classroom


Today was an exciting day for Linchfield, the day that Google Expeditions came to visit our school. If you, like most of our teachers, are wondering what this entails, then just watch the video of what we got up to…


Google Expeditions is a free educational programme run by Google, in which they bring Virtual Reality headsets into school for your children to experience. We were given an extensive list of different places from around the globe to visit, and by extensive, there’s over 250 different places to explore! These places are downloaded to their headsets and brought in for your children to step into!

To tie in with our current music topic, we chose a recording studio in LA; the children literally were stood where the Rolling Stones, Kanye West and Lady Gaga had once stood. The beauty of this VR is that is gives the children the opportunity to see a 360 degree view of the place chosen- giving the illusion that they are truly there.

Alongside this, the app also gives the teacher key notes for every place chosen. This gives areas to focus on, information, and even the option to direct the children to specific points of interest within their headsets. Just like being on a school trip and pointing things out along the way!

Obviously, I couldn’t just let my class experience just one place. It would be rude not to take full advantage of the many options. Today our ‘school trip’ consisted of a recording studio, diving underwater with sharks, climbing a volcano, visiting San Diego zoo and a trip to outer space.

I can’t recommend this visit into school enough, and, with this resource being free, you should most definitely book online now!

One thing that is worth noting, if that due to Google restrictions, headsets can only be used with ages seven or over- great for Key Stage 2. For Key Stage 1 however, they didn’t miss out. We used our iPads to have a 360 panoramic view, just on a 2D basis. This is something that could easily be recreated in school and done without the need for headsets, so if your school has any iPads, I would recommend giving this a go! Simply download the Google Expeditions on your iPads or tablets and you’re away. Set up your staff iPad as the ‘leader’ and your pupil ones as ‘followers’. Download the places you would like to visit and, just like that, take your pupils to another world.