Learning Journals Transforming the Classroom

So, after a hectic start to the year, would you believe I’m only just getting round to writing this post. If you haven’t heard of the app Seesaw, you need to download it! I introduced this app to my school this year, and it has been revolutionary! Its changed teachers, pupils and parents attitudes to learning!


Seesaw is a learning journal for every child. It is an easy platform to share and store children’s work, in a safe environment. The beauty of this app however, is the connections it makes. It links parents to their pupils work and links the pupils to other peers in the class. Essentially, for the children, it creates a ‘news feed’ platform, think Facebook style, allowing pupils to comment and like on each other’s work. For parents it creates a bespoke file, just showing their pupils work. Parents are instantly notified when their child uploads or is tagged in any piece of work- something our parents love, they love getting a notification whilst at work, showing what their child is up to!

We invested in this system for two reasons.

Firstly, parental engagement. Today, we are roughly getting between 400-500 parent visits to the class sites per week. Per week!

stats500 conversations on what their child is learning. No longer the awkward ‘What did you do today at school?’ conversation. 500 parents helping their children, knowing exactly what they are learning every day and pushing their children on. Who could ask for more?

The second reason, was to change the way we view learning. How often do children complete work, in a book, for no one to see? How often to children see learning as a linear process, associated only with ‘school’? Seesaw connects learning everywhere, with the children accessing and posting from school, home and even when they are out and about. Children are able to make the connection that learning is everywhere and share their knowledge on Seesaw. Children can continue their learning at home when work is shared online, the beginning of what we hope to be a flipped classroom… (and an added plus- no more printing off worksheets, trimming them and sticking them in their books… what a waste of time. One resource. One platform. One learning centre).

I know we are only at the beginning of our journey; teachers, parents and pupils have embraced it and it has so much further to go. But here are some videos of what we’ve done, for a real life view of just a handful of the uses and benefits it can offer. If you want any help on how to get this excellent resource up and rolling in your classrooms don’t hesitate to contact me @missvilder

Year 5- Pupils Assessing each others work via video

Year 1- Sharing their phonics sounds with their parents

Year 4- Teachers leaving personalised feedback

Year 5- A flipped learning video explanation

Year 1- Assessing each others work against a success criteria

Finding capital letters, full stops and adjectives

Year 2- A way to link and share work completed online

Y4- Guidance videos- collecting and evidence bank for assessment

Year 6- Information videos after a D&T project

Year 2- Sharing food tech photos

Year 3- A snippet into the classroom during our virtual reality session

Year 5- A place to share extra work completed at home

Year 2- Sharing mathmatical methods with parents

Year 4- Sharing praise and highlighting excellent work

Year 5- A place to brainstorm ideas in a shared forum

Year 4- Interactively annotating Newspapers

These are just a few of the many things we use it for. Get on board!