Making assessments more exciting..


Over the past week, I’ve had the pleasure of introducing the app Kahoot! into classes in my school. If you haven’t heard of this before, or used it, it’s a definite must. It’s an online quiz, think socrative, but much, much easier. And much, much more engaging for pupils..

The concept is simple. One whiteboard with the question and multiple choice answers on, and devices as the ‘controllers’. Kahoot! have really nailed this app and made the game so accessible and child friendly. Trialing it in Y6, I pushed out the app on lightspeed, to which about two thirds of our devices worked. Normally I’d be pulling ym hair out now, trying to trail and app without it being installed, but Kahoot! can simply be accessed through safari if the app hasn’t downloaded. And it doesn’t fault with wifi- we just had 45 devices connected in one room, with no issues at all!

All you need to do now, is set up an account and get started. You can create your own quizzes online or use pre-existing quizzes that other users have made. Making a quiz couldn’t be easier on the website, or even easier, a quick search shows up all the quizzes already made..


The beauty of this app, is the options you have available when writing questions. It allows you to type in any question, or upload an image. The image option is brilliant when looking at questions from SATs papers, or problem solving. It also allows you to change the time limit for the responses for each question individually, focusing on those which should be quick recall answers.


The question will then appear on the whiteboard like so:


It shows the options for the pupils to choose, how long they have to answer counting down to the left and how many pupils have answered, in real time, on the right.

After each question, the pupils iPads are locked- they only work at the pace of the whiteboard at the front of the room. The iPads will flash up green, if they got the answer correct, or red if they got the answer incorrect, providing a great glance overview at how the class have done. Alongside this, on the whiteboard it will also show a graph of the number of answers for each option- a great way to assess roughly the class’ understanding. After a question, if you notice from the graph shown that lots of pupils got the question wrong, you can stop and explain. The game doesn’t move on till you do.


Even better though, all this assessment for learning, and specific assessment breakdown per question is not lost- Kahoot! turns it into a spreadsheet to be downloaded after the game.


This is a screen shot of out trial at a KS2 SATs revision quiz, and you can quickly see the questions which pupils got wrong. It also ranks your pupils in order, so you can see where they are in the class and those whom may need support.

Another great aspect, is the competiveness. After each question the top five pupils are listed on a leader board. This is a real time assessment, and motivator, which differs from question to question. Pupils get points both for answering the question right and for their speed. As you can see from our final results, the top scorer wasn’t one who answered the most correct, but gained extra points for her reaction time (something with the expectations for the KS2 arithmetic test that will bode well).


Now, I know what you’re thinking, for those that aren’t the top five there is no motivation. Well Kahoot! thought of that too. It pops up personal messages on individual pupil’s screens, e.g. ‘you were the fastest to answer’, ‘that’s four in a row right’ or ‘biggest improvement in that round’. This provides great individual motivation.

Overall, this is just a brilliant app for assessment. Whether it’s a pre-assessment, post-assessment comparative, working through some test questions, or even asking pupils to create their own quizzes, it provides excellent analysis.

A hit with both pupils and staff.

Our KS2 Maths and SPaG revision:

Our Y3 initial times tables quiz:



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