Online Signing in System

Long gone are the days of staff signing in on paper…


How many people are guilty of forgetting to sign in when your arrive or leave school. And of never being able to find the tatty book in which to sign in on..

That’s why this year I decided to move all of this online. How much more professional does this look in our entrance hall.

Using the website Time Station, all of our staff now log in via this iPad. we use an old iPad 2, attached to the wall and locked, via Guided Access, to the Time Station app. Staff then log in with either their own individual QR code which the website generates, or using a 4 digit pin (great for those members of staff who forget their lanyard..)


Time Station then gives you a great platform for analysing staff absences and for safeguarding issues of knowing who is in the building. Simple and effective!


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