Why Blog?

The question I seem faced with by many colleges is why blog? Or maybe not so much why, but how?

Take a trip down memory lane to six months ago, when our school was lucky enough to have a visitor called Deputy Mitchell (don’t get your hopes up, not a real deputy). If you haven’t heard of him, I suggest you check him out on twitter; the blogging font of all knowledge.

Anyway, he came in and worked alongside pupils and set up my class with a blog. They were hooked. They were engaged. They were inspired. Through this online forum, we managed to get even the most reluctant writers, to write! And, as a teacher, you will know ‘those’ children. Those who almost seem to need a drink/tissue/toilet/new pencil/rubber/ruler/new chair (yes I’ve had it) every two minutes. Well, those children didn’t move an inch from their chair. Magic..

If you don’t have a blog, I fully suggest you get one! Why? Children are growing up in a digital world, children are using technology everyday, yet as schools we are not tapping into this?! The blog creates a platform to motivate those who don’t like to write in books, excites those do not see it as ‘working’, allows pupils to think creatively, inspires collaboration between pupils and forms links between working at school and at home.

Long gone are the days of writing having no purpose. Imagine to be a child. You work hard for an hour, to produce an amazing piece of work. The teacher marks it (on the day if you’re lucky), leaves a little comment (if you’re lucky), and the books shuts, page turned, not to be looked at again.blog

Blogging transforms this. In one term my class blog has had over 4,500 visitors, from 14 countries and comments from around the globe. This speaks volumes, this makes children want to improve, to better themselves. This, is the key.

To set up a free blog, check out WordPress, Edublogs or Primary Blogger.

If you want help with this. Deputy Mitchell can provide training and trial blogs. Alternatively, our whole siteΒ has been set up by John Sutton fromΒ Creative Blogs (who is amazing!).