Adverts using iMovie

So after two weeks looking at persuasive writing, and the children writing some very impressive letters to Nicky Morgan as to whether or not iPads should be used (uninfluenced by me of course), we decided to have a no writing couple of lessons.

We investigated different adverts and debated the ethics of advertising on TV. This all built up to the pupils creating their own advertisements for a holiday destination of their choice.

Here being one of the results:

image (7)

After looking at all the features of persuasive writing, I decided to see if the children could embed these in a different format. We used iMovie to create our adverts. This can be done through the trailer option within the app; providing ready-to-go trailer formats. First step, was to show the children what was expected, cue a silly modelled version of an advert by myself (they love it, and it allowed me to work out how to use the app).

imovieThen, and probably most importantly, I gave the pupils a planning format, as you can see. I can’t take credit for these as they were found here thankfully. This allowed children to see clearly how many pictures and titles they had to complete, steering them think through their structure of the advert.

Once they had finished their trailers, I challenged them to come up with a voice over to sell their product further. This can be done by saving the finished product, opening up a new movie on the app and then loading the exported trailer into the movie version of the app.

This was both a fun activity for the pupils and a good final assessment point to see who knew how to take the features from their writing and use them in this context. Enjoy.