R.I.P Lollipop sticks

May lollipop sticks with your cname3lass’ names be a thing off the past (not extinct mind you, as technology can never be 100% reliable).

However, the app replacement is an excellent tool to spark a little more engagement in the classroom. The exciting nature (and our guilty pleasure of the theme music) make the children want their name to pop up, who’d of thought!



You can create more than one group or class and add as many students as you wish to the classes. The App randomly selects a pupil from the  group, with all names being displayed before a name is displayed for a second time (the pupils don’t need to know this) However, if you do have that ‘relaxed ‘(lazy) pupil you can change the settings so each name can be displayed up to three times, so the pupils never know when they may be called upon again!

This once free app, now can be purchased for £1.99 through the app store.